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JoethePlumber.com is your online resource to find the best and most experienced licensed plumbers in your area. We are launching our nationwide website January 2009. This website is a temporary website to allow licensed plumbers to lock in advertisement space on JoethePlumber.com.

If you own a plumbing or an HVAC company, it's a tremendous benefit for you to be listed on JoethePlumber.com. The benefits of getting listed on JoethePlumber.com include but are not limited to:

Fair Market - JoethePlumber.com limits the number of plumbers listed in each area and only lists licensed plumbers. In return making the competition is fair and balanced.

High Exposure - JoethePlumber.com is currently averaging 3,500 visitors each day and growing rapidly.

Quality Network - Our network includes only licensed and insured plumbers. We continuously monitor our members' quality of service in order to protect our customers and promote fair competition.

Focus - We are solely focused on Plumbing, Air Conditioning and Heating.
If you are interested in being listed on JoethePlumber.com please call as (866) 675-6048


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